Sunny Days Co-Op Preschool offers a non-denominational Christian approach to social, emotional and academic development in a well-rounded program of quiet and active play. As a co-op program it provides an opportunity for parents to meet other parents with same aged children, thus providing a supportive, nurturing atmosphere for both the children and their parents.

Our two classrooms are a carefully planned environment divided into a number of interesting learning centers. The learning centers include:

  • Building and blocks
  • Dramatic play and housekeeping with dress-up clothes and props
  • Imaginative play with dollhouse, wooden vehicles, and puppets
  • Manipulative items including stringing beads, puzzles, Legos, etc.
  • Hands-on math and science
  • Computers
  • Sensory activities such as rice/water table, playdough, and sand table
  • Listening center with books on cassette
  • Art materials like paint easels, markers,chalk, and crayons
  • Art project area
  • Books, books, books

In addition, we have many special events and celebrations throughout the year.