Pastor Jim Time Recap

These are examples of handouts that Pastor Jim sends home with the students each week.

September 27
It’s a Gumball Life--Matthew 6:33

The Lesson:
Today I brought in a jar filled with many gumballs, five lager gumballs and one large white jaw breaker. I opened the jar and poured out the contents as I said that the jar represents my life with all the people and things in it. I named a couple of the specific small gumball and then all the larger ones as my family and friends and then finally the large jawbreaker as God.
I then put the jar back together putting the small gumballs in first and then the larger ones last, but now the lid doesn’t fit. I talked about how when we focus on the little things life just doesn’t seem to fit, but when we put God first and our family and friends next life just seems to fit together perfectly. (Matthew 6:33) Then I reconstruct the jar putting the jawbreaker in first, the larger gumballs second and all the little ones last and the lid fits on the jar just as it did before.

November 3
Full and Abundant--John 10:10

The Lesson:
I took a pop up sponge, cut into a boy in the a.m.and girl in the p.m., and talked briefly how we were intended to live full and abundant lives not flat and boring lives. I then took the sponge person and put them in water. We watched them expand to be able to soak up more and more of life. We talked about how once they had expanded they couldn’t go back to the flat life.

The Point:
Jesus came so that we might have life and have it to the full. (John 10:10) We were created to soak up God’s blessings. Jesus’ love opens our hearts to the abundant life and to soak up more and more blessing than ever before.

November 17
Sharing the Blessing--Genesis 12:1-3, 1 Timothy 6:17-19

The Lesson:
handsI took two sets of sponge boys and girls that had already been expanded. I reminded the children about the reason that they had expanded. I placed on set of sponge people in two different clear tubs. I took a pitcher of water and talked about how God wants to continue to pour out blessings on us. I poured water over one set until they could not soak up any more. I pointed out that they had more water than they could us and that God (the pitcher) still had more blessing (water) to give. Then the watered people shared their blessing with the other sponge people, not only blessing the others, but making the first set ready to receive more blessing.

The Point:
We are blessed to be a blessing. God’s blessings enable us to give and share in the same manner that God does. We are called to make a positive Godly difference in our world through the sharing of the blessings and gifts that God has so freely and graciously given.