Daily Schedule

As children learn to function in a group and adjust to life outside the home, a set routine and predictability are key to their success.

One unique feature of Sunny Days is that all Threes and Fours are combined in one classroom. This gives the parents the opportunity to choose whether a morning or afternoon time slot ](2-1/2 hours each) is more appropriate for their child and family schedule, and all children participate three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

Our daily schedule includes the following:

Circle Time

During circle time, students sit together and explore a weekly theme through stories, songs and rhymes, discussion, and preview of theme-based art project. They review the calendar and weather, have show and tell, and much more.

Free Play
Children experiment, create, discover, learn while playing. Sunny Days has two large rooms with a science section, play kitchen, typewriter and computer, dress-up corner, blocks, cars and much, much more.

Craft Time

Art projects are theme based, creative and age appropriate. Students are assisted one at a time by teachers and working parents while other children are playing.

During one day each week, student participate in the following activities:

* Jesus Time
On Mondays, Pastor Jim shares God’s love with the children through a Biblically based message in an age appropriate object lesson. Here are some of the handouts he provides so that parents may be involved in reinforcing the concepts at home.

* Gym Time
On Wednesdays, we use our full-size gymnasium to develop large motor skills using the parachute, scooters, skipping, jumping, playing Duck, Duck, Goose, and other classic games.

* Kindergarten Readiness
On Fridays, teachers also spend extra time with anyone who will be attending kindergarten in the fall. They spend extra time working on letter, number and shape recognition, writing their name, cutting and sequencing.

More Freeplay
Students move into our other room where they are able to play on an indoor climber, at a sand table and water table, with tools (working on the house), with blocks and a train table and many other things. They may also paint.

Snack Time
The leader of the day gets to choose from a range of snacks kept on hand. All of the children say a prayer of thanks together and are polite manners are expected and reinforced by the teachers and parents during this time.

Rug Time
Rug time includes music, songs with actions, number and letter concepts, and stories. Students enjoy this time and take turns sharing their thoughts. Teachers read stories and students share what they did with the "story bag". Class closes and students return to the first room where they gather their belongings and wait at the tables for their parents to arrive and pick them up.

After rug time, parents arrive to pick up their children, who can't wait for another fun-filled day at Sunny Days.